Big pharma meets medical marijuana? Dutch firm to build cannabinoid gum factory

Dive Brief:

  • Axim Biotechnologies currently has a non-psychotropic cannabinoid gum—​CanChew—​on the market as a nutraceutical, but is looking to move into the medical marijuana market, In-Pharmatechnologist reports.
  • Axim is conducting clinical trials of its new medical marijuana gum on patients with MS who have chronic pain.
  • Axim plans to file with the FDA and the EMA within the next two years. The company is currently building a factory in the Netherlands to support its manufacturing goals.

Dive Insight:

There is a great deal of clinical research showing that cannibinoid has practical medical uses. But companies that are trying to innovate this space come up against a flurry of developmental challenges, including the controversial nature of marijuana drug development.

Axim is taking on challenges from a biological standpoint, too. Since cannabinoids are destroyed in the hepatic system after they enter the GI tract, Axim is still trying to work out how to retain the therapeutic value through special formulations.

The company's target launch date is 2017.

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Top image credit: Flickr user eggrole