Biosimilars: What you need to know

With four biosimilars approved in the U.S. and a decade of experience with the copycat biologics in Europe, the drug industry is delving deeper into the space. There are several big pharmas growing their biosimilar pipelines and small biotech's making names for themselves. Traditional biologics developers are fighting back to protect their franchises.

Here is a look at how biosimilars are disrupting the market:

  1. Why biosimilars could be market disruptors

    The biologic copies are just now entering the U.S. market and could mean a shift in several major therapeutic indications. Read More >>

  2. 5 hurdles facing biosimilar developers

    While several biosimilars are poised to enter the U.S. market, there are still plenty of challenges that are affecting this new space of drugs. Read More >>

  3. Biosimilars: What's in a name?

    The FDA recently finalized naming conventions for biosimilars, putting in place an important piece of the regulatory framework for the copycat biologics. Read More >>

  4. 7 companies to know in the emerging biosimilars field

    Three more biosimilars won FDA approval last year and dozens more are moving through the pipeline. Here's some of the companies at the forefront of the growing drug class. Read More >>

  5. Supreme Court to review key biosimilar dispute

    A decision from the high court in Sandoz v. Amgen will set an important precedent for the emerging biosimilar field in the U.S. Read More >>

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