Optimizing clinical trials: What you need to know

With the high cost of drugs facing greater scrutiny from the public, pharma and biotech companies are looking for more efficient ways to take drugs through development. The industry is doing its best to increase the efficiency of clinical trials by speeding patient recruitment and trying new ways for patient engagement.

Yet, the clinical trial process is complicated, involving the need for thoughtfulness when developing design and protocols, choosing trial sites, reaching out to patients, delivering drug supply and dealing with regulators. A swath of new tools are being tried out by pharma and the contract research organizations that often conduct the trials to aid in each of these steps.

  1. Modern solutions to recurring roadblocks in clinical testing

    Investigators are turning to technologies such as Skype and the cloud to curb the time and safety problems that have plagued clinical trials in the past. Read More >>

  2. 5 trends changing clinical trials

    Cutting the cost and time it takes to perform clinical trials is a constant struggle for the pharma industry. Emerging shifts in how studies are performed could help. Read More >>

  3. Changes to MYSTIC set AstraZeneca up for success

    The British pharma is attempting to catch immuno-oncology leaders Bristol-Myers and Merck & Co by adapting the Phase 3 trial to boost durvalumab's chance of competing. Read More >>

  4. How pharma is using mobile to call on patients

    Companies like mProve Health are using mobile platforms to help pharma recruit and engage patients throughout the clinical trial process. Read More >>

  5. Lessons learned: Two biotechs talk clinical trial site selection

    Site selection for clinical trials is costly and time-consuming, but two companies' experiences offer lessons on how to manage the process as smoothly as possible. Read More >>

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