In today’s climate, and with the race for Covid-19 vaccines, companies face pressure to accelerate development and commercialization timeline for pharma/biopharma products while controlling costs and maintaining high quality. Only leaders in healthcare and material science can provide the peace of mind through technology and data that companies seek to ensure the reliability of their discoveries.

Introducing DuPontTM LiveoTM, combining Dow Corning’s science and application expertise with DuPont’s healthcare history, to deliver ultra-pure tubing and assemblies with the highest levels of quality and durability. Join DuPontTM LiveoTM and studioID for an informative webinar where you’ll discover:

  • Why DuPont’s 75-year legacy matters when developing pharmaceutical tubing and related products
  • The technology and science behind tubing and assemblies and the importance of purity
  • What to expect from LiveoTM
  • The investment DuPontTM LiveoTM is implementing