Becoming Effective Partners in the Digital Healthcare Revolution

Aug. 29, 2019  • Webinar 2 pm ET

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Physicians use Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and other forms of digital healthcare delivery to guide and document patient care. Meanwhile, pharmaceutical companies use real-world evidence (RWE), which incorporates EMR data, to advance disease understanding. Clinical research takes place separately from the point-of-care workflow, making it difficult to fully leverage the data generated by digital healthcare delivery.

So how can these two entities—providers and pharma—work better together to develop more effective treatments and better patient care?

Our webinar explores the opportunity to integrate research into the point-of-care workflow so that data needed for research naturally extends from data used in the doctor's office. We'll also highlight:

  • The rising role of RWE in clinical research
  • How physicians can leverage their data
  • How (and why) pharma/biopharma can incorporate physicians' "real world" input across a study's lifecycle