Biologic development is complex, requiring a significant amount of time and resources to ensure the best chance of success. Consequently, there are numerous aspects to consider when evaluating prospective partners to take on all – or some – of your biologic development and manufacturing.

While some factors are easy to discern, others are more complex. You need to consider your preferred collaboration and communication styles, your potential partners’ track records, your expectations of working with them, as well as the long-term needs of your molecule and future molecules.

Our new webinar will provide guidance on the ins and outs of working with external partners, also known as contract development and manufacturing organizations, or CDMOs, to develop biologics. The webinar will also address:

  • The importance of keeping the future in mind when selecting a CDMO partner
  • Questions to ask when choosing a partner
  • The results from a recent Catalent Biologics/BioPharma Dive Brand Studio survey that assessed what today’s industry professionals consider most important when they are developing a new therapy

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