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Laboratory Technician

Full Time • Posted Feb. 22

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Job Description

Nectome  - Laboratory Technician

Nectome is a research company located in South San Francisco dedicated to advancing the science of memory.  We develop biological preservation techniques to better preserve the physical traces of long-term memory.  Currently we have an opening for a Laboratory Technician to support our small research team in long term memory experiments in C. elegans worms and small mammals.

This is a full time position.  Ideal candidates will have experience performing biochemical assays and rodent surgery.

Job Responsibilities

  • Basic C. elegans methods including preparation of growth media, petri plate preparation, seeding plates, transferring worms, and synchronizing cultures
  • Perfusion fixation on small rodents - be comfortable with doing transcardiac perfusion surgery on an anesthetized animal, involving incision, perfusion through the heart, removing the brain and placing in fixative
  • Performing the SWITCH protocol for perfusion fixation and antibody labeling of a mouse brain
  • Chemical preparation components of FIB/SEM brain slice imaging
  • Maintenance of laboratory notebooks and experimental records




Required Skills and Qualifications

  • BS, MS or PhD with minimum 1 year experience in industry
  • Able to safely handle chemicals with proper chemical hygiene
  • Familiar with basic laboratory safety protocols
  • Comfortable micro-pipetting small volumes of chemicals from one place to another
  • Able to handle laboratory glassware, petri dishes, volumetric flasks etc
  • Able to safely mix hazardous compounds in a fume hood
  • Patience when protocols run for hours or days
  • Prior work with C elegans a plus

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