New computer technology IMPACT-F can replace millions of animal tests

Animal tests are used to estimate drug-uptake in humans. If drug-uptake in animals is too low, promising drug candidates are excluded from further development.

But drug-uptake studies in animals are misleading: Blockbuster drugs such as Aripiprazole and Esomeprazole, the most sold drugs of 2013, have low oral bioavailability in animals, but drug-uptake in humans is high.

The expert system IMPACT-F replaces animal trials on drug-uptake.

Pharmaceutical companies have applied the expert system to evaluate human drug-uptake in various therapeutic areas such as diabetes, inflammation, antivirals, autoimmune diseases and cancer.

The expert system evaluates drug-uptake in humans significantly more reliably than animal trials. This further increases the prospects of human clinical trials, because the optimum oral dose for first-in-human clinical trials can be determined much more accurately.

Efficacy issues are identified as the main reason why clinical trials fail.

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