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Increased Wind Load Rating for Security Enclosures?

In areas prone to high wind speeds and hurricanes, extra steps must be taken in order to have a structure that will endure them.  Smaller structures, like prefabricated security buildings, require a lot of extra reinforcing in order to handle such harsh winds.  Panel Built's guard houses come with a standard wind load rating of 90 miles per hour.  However, for a large portion of the southeastern United States, there are requirements for much higher hind loads.  Panel Built's guard houses can be altered to account for this. 


By reinforcing the walls/panels of the guard houses with steel, Panel Built, Inc. increases their ultimate wind load capacity overall.  Maxing out at a wind load capacity of 180 mph, our guard houses can handle the majority of exteme weather in Florida, even around the very southern tip.  In a category 5 hurricane, there can expect to be sustained wind speeds anywhere from 160 mph to 190 mph, so the guard houses will be able to take some of the worst winds possible.  For our welded steel guard houses, we increase the overall thickness of the walls to increase the wind load rating, while in our panelized guard houses, we add steel channels to the panels.  As a general rule, one extra steel channel added to our guard booths add roughly 10 mph to the building's wind load.  For more info on Panel Built guard booth wind loads, call us at 800.636.3873 or send us and email at [email protected]