Gene therapy: What you need to know

British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline made headlines last year when it won approval for its gene therapy Strimvelis in Europe. But, due to a small patient population and high price tag, the drug has only been used once. So far, despite higher levels of safety and efficacy than previous iterations, the new wave of gene therapies still face commercial hurdles.

Spark Therapeutics looks set to be the next company to take on this challenge in the U.S. The biotech is currently awaiting approval of its treatment for a rare genetic form of blindness — a potential one-time cure. Yet pricing will be the most closely watched aspect of this therapy, likely serving as an early barometer of what might be sustainable for a pipeline of treatments still in development.

While gene therapy offers the promise of cures and new ways of revolutionizing treatment of genetic diseases, society remains a long way from fully realizing those advances.

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