​​Biopharma’s core mission of delivering scientific and medical innovation to serve patients faces an immense hurdle when it comes to communication breakdown. From multiple information touchpoints to customizing information for targeted audiences, companies and their healthcare partners struggle with delivering high-quality print materials that can effectively share information and educate a vast and diverse audience.  

Join BioPharma Dive and Aimee DiCicco, SVP of Business Development at FedEx Office, and Ginger McWilliams, VP, New Product Planning and Professional Relations, Brickell Biotech, as we examine the communication dislocations biopharma faces today and how FedEx Office can help you communicate more effectively. In this webinar, we explore:

  • The ongoing trends affecting biopharma and their influence on communication needs
  • Why scalable and responsive print communications solutions are vital for communicating with constituencies
  • How FedEx Office empowers effective biopharma communication strategies