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Maximize the ROI of Your Post-Approval Research

Post-approval research (Phase IV) studies are challenging, to say the least. They can be massive in size and scope. They can go on for years and years. They often involve research-naïve physicians. And they have to contend with real-world settings.

If your business is like many other pharmaceutical, biotech or medical device companies, your investments in post-approval research are steadily increasing. Which begs the question: Are you getting the greatest possible return on your post-approval investment?

In the white paper “One Size Doesn’t Fit All”: Applying an Innovative Mindset to Post-Approval Research, you’ll discover:

  • The key reason companies fail to get the greatest return on their post-approval research investment.
  • The three components of a post-approval research mindset that are necessary to address the unique goals, distinct challenges, and lack of defined regulations in Phase IV studies.
  • How to use post-approval-specific technology to streamline Phase IV study operations while decreasing costs and resources.

Approaching Phase IV studies with the right mindset and appropriate technology can increase patient compliance and data collection by 25-30% compared to traditional PRO technologies. Plus, overall resource burn can be reduced, translating into 15-20% overall cost savings. That is tremendous ROI on multiple levels!

Isn’t it time to harness the full power of post-approval research for your company?  Download our white paper and get started today!