The Practical Application of Home Healthcare

In this, the third in a series of webinars focused on the benefits of taking a patient-centric approach to pharmaceutical development, The Medical Research Network (MRN) and World Courier discuss the practical aspects of Home Trial Support and Direct to Patient Deliveries. Stuart Redding, Vice President of Global Business Development & Marketing at MRN, and Dave Spillett, Key Account Director at World Courier, will share their experiences of setting up and implementing the home care model, taking into account varying international regulation, the criticality of patient confidentiality and risk mitigation.

Join us for this latest World Courier and MRN webinar, where we explore how practical knowledge and experience are the keys to successfully improving patient experience and moving medicine forwards.


  • Understand the practical implications affecting patient recruitment and retention
  • Hear about the value of a one stop shop and how quality and compliance are improved and competitive advantage can be gained
  • Understand how the practicalities of set up and implementation can make or break a study
  • Uncover the impact a patient-centric approach can have on trials and patients

This presentation is the third webinar of the series. The first two can be viewed via the links below:

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