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Clinical data analytics: Disruptive technology on the horizon

Over the past fifty years, the life sciences industry has embraced technology in multiple areas - medical procedures, surgical devices, diagnosis apparatus, clinical records, patient management, hospital administration, and clinical research. Healthcare and life sciences industries have another thing in common - they both generate extremely large amounts of data. Historically, the life sciences industry has been known to generate huge amounts of data just from managing patient information and recording research activities.

Today, the amount of data that is generated in life sciences and healthcare industries is almost incomprehensible. So much so, that soon we will have to start inventing new terms to measure this data. Globally, we have already generated more data in the past two years than the total data generated in the entire human history. In light of the availability of this overwhelming amount of data, we need a way to make sense of it all and leverage it to our advantage.

The biggest generation of data happens during the clinical trial process and its related activities. Therefore, a life science company can benefit the most from a clinical data analytics system that is secure, accurate, and integrated across the enterprise.

In this white paper, we look at the root cause of the challenges related to data analytics across the industry and explore available clinical data analytics solutions and their viability. After all, for any pharmaceutical company, data is the foundation on which the future success of their business rests. In order to stay competitive and innovative, they need to get their data right - every time.