Cold-Chain Fully Automated Assembly and Labeling of Pre-Filled Syringes for Clinical Trials

By 2020, greater than half of bestselling drugs will be cold-chain products, most of which are injectable. With sponsors devoting much of their resources to developing these large-molecule products, the demand for pre-filled syringes is escalating rapidly. To address this growing market need, Fisher Clinical Services has become the first supply chain partner in the industry to make fully automated assembly and labeling of pre-filled syringes under cold (2C to 25C) or ambient conditions available.

This article discusses the full range of options available for the assembly and labeling of pre-filled syringes, including Fisher Clinical Services’ latest innovation: the patent-pending ProSyriesSM Pre-Filled Syringe Assembly and Labeling System 2-25C, now exclusively available at our facility in Basel, Switzerland.

When precision means safety, you can rest assured that your patients will receive the exact dose that they need every time. Fisher Clinical Services’ innovative and precision controlled syringe assembly & labelling processes ensures your patients receive the exact dose intended.