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A guide to clinical trials disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic

Drugmakers are halting drug studies as COVID-19 cases hit hospitals hard. Keep track here.

The coronavirus has upended the globe. Cities and countries have enacted shelter-in-place policies, shuttering businesses while canceling school and other events. Many companies have sent their employees home.

All are measures taken in the name of “social distancing,” the best way of keeping the virus at bay until therapies and vaccines are available to stop it.

Much attention, and rightly so, is focused on the drugs the biopharma industry is developing to treat COVID-19. But those efforts could disguise a cost to public health, too, in the form of stalled progress on experimental medicines for other diseases.

Since the start of March, at least nine companies have reported some sort of disruption to a clinical trial as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Such news is becoming more common, as medical centers across the world focus their precious resources on treating people infected with the coronavirus.

BioPharma Dive is tracking delays and disruptions to clinical research sponsored by pharmaceutical and biotech companies. We will log each new announcement so bookmark this page and check back soon. Did we miss something? Reach out and let us know.

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